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Besides Thailand, we are also specialized in tailor-made holidays in Indochina. Indochina is commonly used as a collective term for Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos; three countries in South East Asia where the employees of WanderSiam have been planning authentic tailor-made holidays for many years.


Indochina is a popular travelers’ destination bursting with interesting culture, delicious food, enchanted wildlife and an abundance of charming rainforests and green landscapes ready to explore.

With the help of our local experts, you can experience the best of South East Asia, without the hassle that comes with logistics, and discover the rich diversity of the region in one trip.

We would be delighted to help you plan your perfect holiday!


Whether you prefer to quietly explore the UNESCO protected architectural ruins, wander through local markets and French colonial cities, or sit back with a cold drink on deck aboard a riverboat, here at WanderSiam we have a range of experiences to suit your travel style.

The magnificent towering limestone formations of Halong Bay, the charming night market and colonial style buildings of laid-back Luang Prabang, and the amazing temples of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom are just a few highlights worth considering for any Indochina holiday. 

From stunning tropical islands to ancient cities, South East Asia is hugely diverse with much to see and do depending on which adventures you want to embark on. 


Often forgotten on an Indochina itinerary is Laos, a true gem in Southeast Asia, offering unspoiled and authentic experiences in abundance. This wonderful country still retains an air of romantic mystique.

The capital city of Vientane is a mixture of French colonial charm and colorful Buddhist temples whilst the lush verdant hills surrounding Luang Prabang are a patchwork of green landscapes, saffron robed monks and ancient gilded temples.

But Laos has so much more to offer; it is a captivating and beautiful country filled with jaw dropping paddy fields and mountain scenery, cascading waterfalls and remote ethnic minority villages, all bonded together by the mighty Mekong River, the lifeblood of the country.

Laos is a land of contrasts that awakens and excites the senses. Anyone who has a love for travel and a sense of adventure will adore Laos.


Cambodia has much to offer to travelers and visitors are welcomed with open arms to discover its treasures, many of which are still largely untouched by tourism.

The country offers a wealth of travel experiences: trekking adventures in the pristine wilderness, exciting overland journeys to hill tribe areas rarely visited by tourists, a homestay with a Khmer family, or an exploration of Angkor Wat, undoubtedly the most spectacular testament of the Khmer civilization and a must-see for any first-time visitor.

After traveling through Cambodia you can enjoy the end of your holiday with a relaxing stay at one of the largely undiscovered sandy beaches to laze and soak up some rays.

Among the most captivating experiences on a journey through Cambodia are the many encounters with its warm-hearted people.

Despite their unspeakable suffering in the past they have not lost their charming smiles. With their hospitality and optimism they make Cambodia a truly rewarding travel destination!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambodia!


Despite its tumultuous history, Vietnam has bounced back to become a big-hitter on the Southeast Asian travel circuit. Unsurprisingly, from a country so long and skinny, there’s plenty of variety on offer: emerald paddy fields and white-sand beaches, full-tilt cities and venerable pagodas, limestone islands, vast caves, and friendly minority communities with their elaborate tribal costumes and age-old customs.

While Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and the other major centres are intriguing enough, it’s Vietnam’s striking landscape that most impresses. Rugged mountains hug the west, bordering Cambodia and Laos; to the east lies the South China Sea. To the north and south, the land fantails out into the splendid deltas of the Red River and the Mekong, and it’s in these regions that you’ll encounter the paddy fields, dragonflies, buffaloes and conical-hatted farmers that constitute the classic images of Vietnam.

Travel to Vietnam and you’ll be met with warmth and curiosity. Add to that, some of the region’s most nuanced cuisine, and you’re onto a winner!

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